Last week NDC took place in Oslo. Unfortunately I were not able to attend this year, but I were able to attend PubConf, which took place the day after NDC ended.

##The what

Not quite a conference;
Not exactly an after party;
Inspirational conversations with amazing developers

This is what PubConf is described as on their own site, and that is exactly what it is. A lot of people met up at a pub in Oslo, beers where served, pub food were served and conversations were held.

Naturally there was some organized talks in here, in form of ignite talks. This quick talks, where someone presents something in 5 minutes. You have 20 slides, where each one moves on after 15 seconds. This ensures that no speaker takes up more time than what is given to them, but it also makes for some fun talks.

##The who So there were quite a few speakers at this event, some which I want to particularly mention.

Karoline Klever gave a fun talk about the different types of communication from developers.

Lars Klint had a fun talk about how kittens took over the world using Hololens. He also had to improvise over the slides Troy Hunt had made for his presentation, as he had lost his voice. This was a hilarious talk, worth the trip alone!

David Neal talked about giving presentations with stories and drawings, to make sure what you’re presenting sticks.

Evelina Gabasova convinced me that what I’ve seen in Person of Interest is not going to happen for a while, in her talk about AI.

There were off course more speakers, which you can find at PubConf’s site (at least per end of June 2016).

I also got to meet Dave Rael, the Developer on Fire, which was really cool (although due to the noise, and the fact that I had to catch my train home, we didn’t really get the chance to talk).

If you have the chance, I definitely recommend visiting PubConf next year (or any time it may be organized), as it was a night of great fun!