The month of June was quite busy for me. My SO and I came across an apartment we really liked in late May, and decided to bid on it. Fortunately, we got it, but that meant we had to sell the one we lived in. We were told that it would be best to sell it before the vacation started, so that meant preparing it for sale. This meant packing and storing most of our stuff away. This took a lot of time, and I think we were working almost all the time, first going to our jobs, then home to pack and move boxes and furniture.

The apartment was sold the day after our first public viewing, and the next day we were handed the keys to our new place, so then we had to move everything to the new apartment. We managed to move a whole lot in two days. After those two days, we travelled to Corfu, for a relaxing week of vacation. I dare to say it was well deserved. We spent most of the week relaxing by the pool, but we did also try scuba diving, which was quite fun!

Anyway, within the month of June we bought a new apartment, packed and moved most of our stuff, and sold our old apartment. Now that we got most sorted out, we need to organize our new place. This will off course be done over time as we settle in, but it means I am now ready to continue on my personal projects. In my next post I will tell you a bit about my next planned project, hopefully it will be an exciting one!