After a while, where I have been struggling to write, I realized I needed to do something to keep this blog up. Maybe it has been the lack of interaction, or maybe not seeing a decent amount of traffic. I started to look for sources, as to how I could improve my blogging skills, and hopefully reach more people.

Some time ago I came across a guy named John Sonmez, which runs the blog Simple Programmer. I have been reading his blog for some time, but it was just recently I noticed he has an e-mail course on blogging, for free.

I am not really a fan of e-mail courses. However the course had gotten good reviews, and as his blog is well written I gave the course a shot. It is a three-week course, where you are sent two lectures each week. That means you have time to finish the assignments in each lecture.

The course covers basic topics, as how to set up a blog, choosing a subject for the blog and coming up with ideas for topics. It also gives some guidance on how to get traffic, and market your blog and yourself.

If you’re considering starting (or like me, you have a blog and want to improve) I recommend trying this course. You can find it at It’s free!