The last four weeks have been intense. At work we had a tight schedule to be able to release our software before the vacation time, with a lot to do (meaning overtime, and a lack of energy when coming home). At home there’s been a lot of stuff happening with our appartment, which I’ll probably write about later, when it’s all sorted out.

Anyway, we got the software released, and many of my colleagues are on vacation. My vacation isn’t until the end of July, and since it usually is a bit quiter in the mid-summer, I got the chance to attend a new course. Last year I attended Essential .NET 4.5 with C#, which was quite good. This year I’m again heading to London, to attend a course I feel is a natural next step, .NET Best Practices and Design Patterns, hosted by Learning Tree. This is a four day course which has the following description:

Knowledge of the .NET languages and libraries alone is not enough to develop robust applications. Proven design patterns and best practices, distilled from the wisdom of experts, support you in building applications upon a solid foundation. This course provides the skills needed to solve real-world software development problems and deliver fast, reliable applications.

Should be fun, and I hope to learn a lot. If time allows it (I’m in London after all) I hope to sum up my notes in a blog post each day, but at the very least I will post a review of the course when I’m home again.

Anyway, have you been or are you planning to attend any courses this year?