Yesterday I read an article from Jose Gonzalez, over at Mind Body Soul Developer, called “The Art of Doing Nothing“, which brings up an important subject; Resting and relaxing. I am not going to talk a lot on this, as I think Jose has done a good job describing all about it in his post.

In essence the post covers his experience of having a bad day and how he deals with it. In general, when you’re having a bad day (or a day with no motivation) you should really push on, so you get your work done. Sometimes it is however, useful to just relax and do something else that day instead of pushing yourself. In the end, we’re all just humans, and if you keep pushing yourself without ever taking breaks, even on bad days, you will eventually crash. I think that could be worse than having some time off from time to time.

Like I said, this wasn’t going to be a long post, but maybe it (and the post from Mind Body Soul Developer) can put some thoughts into your head. What’s your thoughts on this subject? Do you know when to relax and when to push on?