Today I finally received my LeapMotion. I sent in a pre-order over a year ago, and they finally released it a few days ago. Seeing as I received it today, I wanted to write a little about my first impression.

So far, so good! The first thing I had to do was to install the driver, to make it work. The installation was easy. You get directed to a setup page at LeapMotions web sites, where you download your installer. While you wait for the download to finish, you have the chance to see a video as an introduction. The installation itself went smooth and then it’s time to connect the device. A firmware update was installed, and then Airspace Home (were you can start all your apps) started.

When Airspace Home started up, it went through some steps as an introduction. This was the first experience with the device, and you were supposed to just see how it worked. Then you were offered to create an account, unless you had registered already. I logged in, and some free apps were installed by default. The UI is neat and clean, as expected. As I already had been to Airspace, I had found an app called “Touchless for Windows”, which was installed. This is an app which basically gives you the control of the mouse in your hands.

Touchless for Windows had a little introduction, with some exercises you could go through, to see how it worked. I’ve been using it for half an hour now, and it takes a bit to getting used to it. I am yet to be in full control, but I guess that it just takes some time to practise. Hopefully I will be able to master it shortly, and explore more of the apps available. Later I will make sure to check out the API, and see if I can make any apps myself. More for fun than anything.

It will be interesting to see if LeapMotion becomes my primary navigation tool, or if it just ends up as a toy.

You can get yourself a LeapMotion by visiting their page here !