This is the end of my third week with my brand new Surface 3, so it’s time to give a short review of it. Before I get into the review itself, I think its wise to describe what I use the Surface for, so the terms of my review is clear.

The primary need for me is to have a tablet, which I can use to read and watch movies while traveling, as well as do some blogging and the occasional work at home. My SO have had an iPad for a long time, and naturally I tried it, just to see that it did not fit my needs. When the first generation Surface reached the market I were quick to buy one, with Windows 8 RT. This was OK for reading and watching movies. However it was not as good as I had hoped, a bit slow at times, and also I did not like the fact that you couldn’t install third party applications (outside the Windows Store). With that information lets move on to my review of the Surface 3.

Opening the package it arrived in revealed what seemed to be a solid tablet. With the type cover attached it weighs in at 887g, which is ok for me. It doesn’t feel too heavy, nor does it feel too light. The three point kickstand is a nice improvement from the first generation, which I have really missed. With three different settings I am able to work comfortably on the daily commute to work, in the couch at home or wherever I want. It also includes a 4th, secret setting, however I don’t intend to test that.

As I am not intending to do any heavy work on the Surface, I choose the cheaper version. It is delivered with 2GB memory, 64GB storage capacity and an Intel Atom x7 Z8700, 1.6 GHz processor. The screen size is 10.8”, with a 3:2 ratio, Full HD resolution. The screen appears sharp and crisp, which I can’t say applies to the first generation. Reading, writing and watching movies is as good as expected.

The Surface 3 boots up rather quickly, and the first time setup is as quick as you would expect with the Windows 8.1 eco system. I am very glad it is delivered with the full version of Windows and not the RT edition. This is a huge advantage, as you have the possibility to install software outside the Windows Store. For me it means I can use Google Chrome as my browser, and some development tools I am using elsewhere.

As for negatives I have yet to find any huge ones. The only thing I specifically want to mention is the price. I believe the price could have been a bit cheaper, and I guess it could reach even more people cutting the prices a bit. Then again, it’s not too expensive, after all I were willing to buy it.

All in all I am happy so far. I believe the Surface 3 is a good choice if you want a tablet with Windows, and don’t need all the power in the Surface Pro 3.

Have you tried the Surface 3? Are you happy with it?